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The new Delorean

 In 1979, John DeLorean, a well known and accomplished engineer, had a vision of producing a car unlike anything else on the market. The result was the new DeLorean, a car that was so futuristic and expensive that when you think of early sports cars, you might think of a DeLorean. These cars sport gull-wing doors and a shiny, stainless steel body. These cars captured the imagination of television and movie producers and found their way on the big screen.

The new DeLorean was popular among car collectors. The average person did not drive this car because it was so hard to find and pricey. In 1981, these cars could run the buyer at least $25,000. Production of the new DeLorean was short lived and it is estimated that between 1979 to 1982, only about 9,000 of these silver colored cars were made.
While you do not see a DeLorean driving down the street everyday, even today these cars are still on the road.  There are probably about 6,000 of these cars that are still on the road. It is true that you will not be able to purchase a new DeLorean (the company ceased production in 1982), you might find a used DeLorean available for sale. The DeLorean cars are still popular. In fact, many owners of these cars gather together in car clubs on a yearly basis. If you are lucky enough to own one of these cars, you can still order both parts and service from the DeLorean Motor Company in Texas, which owns much of the old company’s stock and parts.

If you are a car enthusiast and do not have enough money to buy one of these cars, you can still get a glimpse of one at one of the yearly DeLorean car events. You can even visit Univeral Studios to see one of the cars that was modified and used in the movie set for Back the the Future.


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