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The Gold DeLorean

 Perhaps there has never been such mystery and intrigue surrounding a car and its maker than the DeLorean. John DeLorean prided himself on this special car that saw limited production in the late 70s and early 80s. It is estimated that only around 9000 of these cars were ever made. Many of these cars showed up on television and movie sets. One DeLorean car that is of special interest to DeLorean hobbyist and car lovers is the gold DeLorean. gold delorean

The gold DeLorean sports a special 24-karat gold plate body. These special cars usually come available as a manual and have a tan interior. Of course, because of the age of these cars, this may not be the case for cars that have been restored. There are not too many of these cars that are still on the road, but for a car enthusiast, or someone with a lot of money, gold DeLorean cars are still for sale. A quick search in the Internet might come up with several of these special edition cars that are available for purchase. Be warned though, the gold DeLorean is not cheap. One that is in near mint condition and with very few miles can sell for up to $300,000.

If you are looking to purchase a gold DeLorean, make sure you are dealing with a reputable seller. Chances are that it will be difficult to find of these cars in excellent shape, but it is possible. You will also need to know that most of the time, buyers of these collectible cars will be completely responsible for transporting the car to his or her location, usually using a special trailer. Most of the time, this transportation is not included in the sale price of your car. Gold DeLorean cars are certainly cars that every car enthusiast will stop and look at, even if only for a moment to reminisce about the 80s.


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