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The DMC Delorean

 The DMC DeLorean was a sports car produced by the DeLorean Motor Company from 1981 – 1983. The design of the DeLorean was somewhat futuristic. Despite its uniqueness, the vehicle was only produced for a few short years. Yet, the DeLorean made a lasting impression. The distinct design of the vehicle featured doors that opened upward. Ordinary vehicles include doors that opened outward. The gull wing door is typical of more expensive sports vehicles. Because of a short production time frame, some people are unfamiliar with the DMC DeLorean. Even more, few people have seen a DeLorean face-to-face. Yet, many people are familiar with the famous flying DeLorean featured in the Back to the Future movies.

DeLorean production began in Northern Ireland. Despite of this, the vehicle was purposed for the American market. Before the vehicle could be sold in other markets across the world, the DeLorean had to undergo certain changes. For example, a few DeLorean models included right hand steering wheels. This made it possible to drive the car on the left side of the road. However, because few DeLorean models included this feature, the vehicle never gained widespread attention in countries such as the United Kingdom. On the flip side, DeLoreans were very popular in the United States. In some instances, eager buyers were willing to pay at least $10,000 above the asking price. Some dealerships were forced to create a waiting list.

The first DMC DeLorean produced in the early 1980’s was priced around $25,000. Today, this would be equivalent to $50,000. Even though DeLoreans are no longer produced, it is possible to purchase a refurbished DMC DeLorean. In an attempt to keep the vehicles alive, many custom auto design companies have opened businesses converting old DeLoreans into modern day creations. This includes 4x4 DeLoreans, convertible DeLoreans, and so forth.


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