delorean cars

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Delorean shocks

 Shocks are necessary for a smooth driving experience, and Delorean shocks are specially designed for a comfortable driving experience, regardless of the terrain or road conditions. With many roads needing repair, and the numerous potholes, speed bumps, and other annoyances one encounters when driving, it is important to find good shocks that will make your driving as smooth and bump-free as possible. Delorean shocks are road-tested and designed for comfort and easy driving.


Delorean shocks have evolved as the car has, and many people feel that the older shocks were more stiff and the newer Delorean shocks are less stiff. The ideal Delorean shocks are the adjustable aluminum coil over shocks which can be found in catalogs. For those with classic Deloreans and who want to change their shocks, this procedure may be no more difficult than ordering Delorean shocks online, from a catalog, or from a shop and having the new Delorean shocks installed. Many people prefer short front shocks, which reduces the rough effects of travel and allows the use of soft springs while controlling the suspension rate.


If you are looking for replacement Delorean shocks, you can purchase a springs and shocks kit especially designed for DeLoreans and manufactured by Eibach. In these kits the front shocks are softer and the rear shocks are more stiff. This allows the car to be positioned more evenly, and reduces the need for modified shocks. These DeLorean shocks have been tested on the road, and are the best on the market. You can either install your Delorean shocks and springs yourself or have a mechanic do the job. For those who are skilled with cars, this is not a difficult procedure, although if you are unsure of your ability in this area, it is better to have a professional install your shocks and springs.  The cost of Delorean shock installation is usually reasonable, but varies according to the shop.


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