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The DeLorean popular in Belgium

 Produced in Northern Ireland, the DeLorean was intended for the American driver, although Europeans also fell in love with this classic car, and the DeLorean in Belgium is taking off. This eccentric but streamlined 80s classic is characteristic of its time. Belgium is as interested in the “retro” look as America, and its quirky looks and excellent quality make the DeLorean popular in Belgium. There are those who make a hobby or a livelihood from fixing up, buying and selling the Delorean. Belgium has many shops dedicated to this classic cars and those willing to repair, buy or trade certain cars for a Delorean. Belgium is a country of car-lovers who know the value of a genuine classic, and the Delorean fares well among the classic car crowd in Belgium.

The DeLorean is a stylish sports coup with a wedge-shaped front and end and distinctive gull-wing doors that makes it famous. It has a stainless steel exterior and rectangular quartz headlamps. Many collectors all over the world are in the market for a DeLorean; Belgium, with its many car events, is no exception. There are many races and shows in the country where the well-preserved and fixed-up DeLoreans can be seen on display. Europe loves the DeLorean. Belgium is one of its greatest fans.

For those who fascinated with the DeLorean, Belgium is a perfect stop during one’s trip to Europe. One can find many DeLorean fans there and shops which sell vintage DeLoreans which are in mint condition or may need some work. In Belgium, the DeLorean is a sought-after car, and one may ask a higher price for a DeLorean in Belgium than elsewhere. Then again, it may easier to find parts for a DeLorean in Belgium, given the car’s popularity. Whether you are looking for DeLorean gull-winged doors or the unique headlights, if you want to find parts for a DeLorean, Belgium is a good place to look.


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