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The Delorean Lego Phenomenon

 No doubt the love affair of the Delorean DMC-12 has reached far and wide. Everything from groups having extended mailing lists, to conventions, to Hollywood featuring many incarnations of the car. In fact, video games have joined in the fray too. With there being about 6000 Deloreans still on the road today (remember, they were manufactured back in the early 1980s), it’s not too often that one comes across one. However, you can see one in movies and video games or better yet, make one yourself -- out of Legos.

Fans of the Delorean have been making Delorean Legos for a while now. These pictures can be found on all over the web; on websites and in blogs. In fact, there have been Delorean Lego models seen on magazine covers.


Who says Legos are just for kids? Just like the Back to the Future Trilogy was not just for kids - the love affair with the Delorean car has gone from children of the 80s to adults of the 2000s.

Some of the amazing mock-up are exact replicas of the Delorean DMC-12. Many are exact replicas of the Delorean DMC-12 as seen in the Back to the Future Trilogy. A handful of skilled Delorean lego builders have included the reactor in the back of the car and the gull wing doors for a precise feeling of the car.

One such builder has his gull wing doors open to have the viewer peer at electronics strategically placed in the dashboard. This isn’t just kid’s stuff anymore. Fiber optics are added for effect and exact details are rendered for a model makers dream.

Suffice it to say, if you can’t own your own Delorean, why not have the next best thing? A scale model that you make with your own two hands---out of Legos, no less.


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