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The Delorean Houston Service Department

 DeLorean’s Houston service department offers a range of mechanical services, support, and body repair work. Even though the last DeLorean model was produced in 1983, this classic automobile continues to grace its presence on roadways across the country. When the DeLorean Motor Company shut down in 1983, many people predicted that DeLoreans would become a classic automobile. In the early 1980’s, the body style of DeLoreans was unlike any other vehicle. The futuristic features include gull winged doors that opened upward, stainless steel exterior, etc. Many persons who bought a DeLorean in the early 80’s continue to maintain their ownership. Of course, because DeLoreans are no longer manufactured, finding replacement parts and a qualified mechanic is hard.

DeLorean’s Houston service department is highly qualified to care for these vehicles. Services offered include engine service, which is critical for keeping a DeLorean running. The gull winged doors is one of DeLorean’s unique features. For this matter, the service department is qualified to make any door and lock repairs. The majority of DeLorean service problems involve the electrical system. The professionals at DeLorean’s Houston service department recognize this common problem, and have the necessary tools and instinct for pinpointing the exact problem. Furthermore, the service department can provide brake and suspension services.

DeLoreans have a stainless steel exterior, which is a very unique feature requiring special tools and skill level. Fortunately, DeLorean’s Houston service department mechanics are highly trained to repair stainless steel (dents, scratches, etc.), restore the original luster, and even replace the fiberglass located beneath the stainless steel. Ordinarily, classic cars are costly to repair. On the other hand, DeLorean repairs are affordable. Because these professionals are DeLorean trained specialists, they are able to quickly identify problems, and fix the problem in record time. Thus, you avoid additional labor fees, and avoid the hassle of paying for a wrong repair.


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