delorean cars

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Delorean History

 The DeLorean Motor Company founded by John DeLorean was established in 1975. Appropriately, the DeLorean Motor Company was based in the motor capital of the country, Detroit, Michigan. John DeLorean had a vision of a sports car designed with futuristic elements. He put pen to paper and created a concept vehicle named the DMC DeLorean. Most sports car of the time were extremely compact, which made is difficult for larger people. John DeLorean was a tall man, and sought a vehicle that accommodated his large stature. Thus, design plans for the DMC DeLorean included a roomy interior.

DeLorean history is of interest to many auto and car enthusiasts. Production of DeLoreans ceased in 1983. However, this has not stopped some people from researching the vehicles or attending auto shows showcasing DeLoreans. To fund his project, John DeLorean contacted various banks and private organizations, including Bank of America. Moreover, to help provide jobs for those unemployed in different countries, John DeLorean sought areas outside the United States for the assembly of DeLoreans. In 1978, construction of a Northern Ireland assembly plant began. The facility was constructed in a little over a year (16 months), and featured six building totaling 660,000 square feet.

According to DeLorean history, production of the first vehicle was scheduled to begin in 1970. However, problems arose, and the project was delayed until 1981. Even though Americans were responsive to DeLoreans, with over 9,000 sold between 1981 – 1983, John DeLorean was unable to raise adequate funds to keep the facility opened. In 1982, plans to shut down DeLoreans were announced. DeLorean’s history is widely known became the vehicles have become a keepsake item over the past twenties years. Many original DeLorean owners maintain possession of the cars. Furthermore, companies endeavoring to keep DeLorean’s history alive have started a business of restoring the classic automobile.


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