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Delorean for Sale

 Although production for the Delorean stopped back in the early 1980s, it is till possible to own of these futuristic masterpieces. There are still dealers that have a Delorean for sale.

By researching the net or by joining one of the many groups that still exist praising the Delorean, you can find someone that has a Delorean for sale.

For example, today, there are still Delorean car shows and their culture still thrives through current owners. The car show runs bi-annually and is usually peopled by those from around the world who own or who love the culture of the car. Sometimes the cast and crew of the Back to the Future Trilogy show up. Nonetheless, this would be an excellent place to network if interested in buying a Delorean.

By running a search on eBay, one might easily happen upon an excellent condition Delorean for sale. Also online is a mailing list -- the Delorean Mailing List, otherwise known as the DML. By getting acclimated with this list, one who was serious about a Delorean for sale might be able to find one rather quickly.

When originally envisioned it was called the DMC- “12”. This was due to its retail price to be around the $12,000 dollar mark. Yet, after production started its price climbed in the mid $20s. Today that price can be a little higher.

By today’s standards, a Delorean for sale may fetch upwards of  $17,000 to $20,000 in good to excellent condition. A “mint” condition Delorean DMC-12 can cost about $30,000.

Then you can start adding extra bells and whistles. A Delorean for sale with all the extras, and not exactly how it was originally planned by the designer, can fetch an alarming $40,000. Still, all in all, for a sports car that looks like its out of the pages of a future magazine, that’s not too shabby.


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