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The 1982 DeLorean

 The 1982 DeLorean is described by many car enthusiasts and collectors as “a modern classic.” Now, technically an antique car, since it is almost 25 years old, the 1982 DeLorean is a striking example of 1980s style, involving a sleek “space age” look and bold innovations, such as the famous gull-wing DeLorean doors. The 1982 DeLorean has been immortalized in the famous Back to the Future trilogy, as a time travel car fitted with a nuclear reactor. Doc Brown assured Marty MacFly that the 1982 DeLorean was the best equipped for time travel, and owners of this model can at least attest to the fact that it is guaranteed to elicit a comment and provide a unique driving experience.

The 1982 DeLorean is a stylish sport coup with a striking wedge-shaped front and end. It is famous for its gull-wing doors which open upwards rather than on the sides. The car’s exterior is made of aluminum fiberglass with a stainless steel exterior, giving it a “silver bullet” look. It is rack and pinion steering and a five speed transmission. The 1982 DeLorean is also noteworthy for its rectangular quartz headlamps, and comfortable glove leather seating. One of the most famous owners of the 1982 DeLorean was Johnny Carson, who discussed his favorite car often. Although there were some minor complaints with the 1982 DeLorean, such as electrical difficulties and that the panels were difficult to keep shiny, it is generally agreed that the 1982 DeLorean is an excellent car, and many of these problems were addressed in later models.

Those who would like to own a 1982 DeLorean can search eBay or other places online to find this classic car. Obviously, the better condition the 1982 DeLorean is in, the more money it will cost. Many people prefer to find a run-down 1982 DeLorean and fix it up themselves, using new engine, chassis and other parts.


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