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The 1981 Delorean

 The 1981 DeLorean was a unique vehicle manufactured by the DeLorean Motor Company. Most people are familiar with DeLoreans because they were featured in the classic Back to the Future movies. Even before DeLoreans made their onscreen debut, people were already fascinated with the cars because of its futuristic design. Production of the DeLoreans began in 1981. Upon their introduction, the craze was huge. In some parts of the country, dealerships selling the 1981 DeLorean had to place customers on a waiting list. In an attempt to secure a sale, select car buyers were willing to pay more than the vehicle’s asking price.

The popularity of the 1981 DeLorean was limited to the United States. The vehicle featured a left hand steering wheel, which was appropriate for operation within the States. During the DeLoreans two years of production, only 23 right hand steering wheel models were produced. The design of the Deloraean was in a class by itself. For starters, the vehicle included side doors that opened in the air. This was a feature noticeably different from other cars. Also, the mastermind behind the DeLorean concept, John DeLorean, wanted to create a sports car that could comfortably fit a tall person. Mr. DeLorean was over six feet tall, and recognized the value of roomy vehicles. Nonetheless, the 1981 DeLorean was able to accommodate smaller stature drivers. With this said, the DeLorean included a pull strap for the side doors.

Today, the DeLorean remains a fixture in our culture. Each year, several DeLorean models are showcased at auto shows across the country. Moreover, there are numerous clubs and organizations for DeLorean enthusiasts. There is even a magazine devoted entirely to DeLorean talk. With the number of companies refurbishing DeLoreans, buying a used restored 1981 DeLorean is simple. In fact, many refurbishing companies allow buyers to customize their DeLorean, and include features that are standard to modern vehicles such as automatic transmissions, satellite radio, CD chargers, sunroof, and so forth.


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